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12 Grimmauld Place

grimmauldplace Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place is home to what is known as the Black House. One of the only things Sirius has been able to do to assist the Order is to let them use his mother’s house as the Order of the Phoenix Headquarters. The house is protected by the Fidelius Charm, which keeps a secret within a person.

The Order of the Phoenix’s Secret Keeper is Albus Dumbledore, the founder and leader of the group that fought Lord Voldemort and his supporter’s the first time he was in power. Because of the Fidelius Charm, when a person walks by Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place, they can only see Number Eleven, Grimmauld Place and Number Thirteen, Grimmauld Place side by side.

The Black House is covered with dark drapes and has an eerie feel about it. Hung on the walls are the heads of house elves and strange noises can often be heard around the house. The black house elf, Kreacher also lives in the house and is not fond of house’s last remaining descendent, Sirius Black. Kreacher has stopped cleaning the Black House ever since Sirius’s mother passed away, which was 10years ago. Kreacher often scopes around the house stealing items of his former masters before they get thrown away as the kids, Mrs. Weasley, and Sirius clean the house to make it fit for human habitation.

After thinking about the location of Grimmauld Place, the house will suddenly appear. As you walk up the worn stone steps to the black painted door with a serpent knocker that’s shabby and scratched with no keyhole nor letterbox, you will step into a grimy and darkened hall. You could smell the damp, dust, and a sweetish, rotting smell.

The basement floor is a kitchen. A cavernous room with rough-hewn walls, a large fireplace where most of the light comes from, and a large table with lots of chairs from a previous Order meeting. There is a dresser where utensils and plates are kept. A haze of pipe smoke hung in the air like battle fumes, which loomed the menacing shapes of heavy iron pots and pans hanging from the dark ceiling. Up the steps is the main floor. A small pantry is connected to the kitchen. In a cupboard there is a water tank and beneath this is Kreacher’s den, a filthy niche filled with mouldy blankets and bits of family heirlooms Kreacher has managed to scavenge as Sirius cleans the house.

Ground Floor
The Entrance Hall is a large room with peeling wallpaper, threadbare carpet, gas lamps, and a serpent-shaped, cobwebby candelabra. A staircase runs to the upper floors. There are a number of age-blackened portraits here, including a large one behind moth-eaten moldy curtains. This portrait is of Mrs. Black that is held to the wall by a Permanent Sticking Charm, and when disturbed it screeches and screams in a most horrible manner, cursing everyone around and waking the other portraits of dead house elfs that served the Black family, who also begin screaming. Everyone tiptoes and whispers in the hall so they do not awake the portraits on the walls. There is an umbrella stand in the hall made from a Troll leg in which Tonks always knocks over with her clumsiness.

On the first floor is the drawing room; Hermione and Ginny’s bedroom is also located on this floor. Harry and Ron sleep in a dark, high-ceilinged second floor room with a wardrobe in it and a blank portrait on the wall in which Phineas Black (one of the old Headmasters) goes back and forth out of between the room and the Headmasters office at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Fred and George sleep directly above them on the third floor. Buckbeak stays in the upstairs bedroom which once belonged to Mrs. Black and Sirius spends a lot of time up there towards the end of the Christmas holidays. Magic items in the house include an ancient set of purple robes that tried to strangle Ron when he attempted to remove them and a grandfather clock that shot heavy bolts at anyone who went past it. In an upstairs toilet, a rather murderous ghoul was lurking.