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Jim Broadbent on Slughorn, ‘Potter’ and more Jim Broadbent on Slughorn, ‘Potter’ and more

broadbentJim Broadbent, Horace Slughorn in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, describes his character as “a good man, a decent man, but a weak man” in a new interview with the Los Angeles Times.

“It’s wonderful to be part of this now, to come in at this stage, because they’ve got it running so smoothly now, it’s amazing to see,” said the 59-year-old Broadbent, whose screen career dates to 1978.”

Broadbent, a fan of the books, praises the adaptations from page to screen.

“I saw the first film when it came out, and it was so brilliantly conceived,” Broadbent said. “You read the book and then you see the film and every moment you think, ‘That is exactly how I imagined it.'”

Half-Blood Prince‘s director David Yates is also a fan of the actor, noting that “he works exceptionally hard, and he makes everything look exceedingly easy”.

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