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Robert Pattinson graces GQ Mag Robert Pattinson graces GQ Mag

robert-pattinson-cedric-diggoryMen’s fashion magazine, GQ, recently published their latest issue where Robert Pattinson (“Cedric Diggory” in the books) graces the cover. GQ has also included an article and an interview with the actor, where they discuss how Robert strongly contemplated quitting acting:

He was on the verge of quitting acting, he says. He’d followed up what was, back then, the biggest role of his career—in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, as Cedric Diggory, sort of the haughty blond Iceman to Harry’s Maverick—by getting fired from a play in London, where he grew up. He was in Los Angeles, crashing on his agent’s couch, looking for an American job.

The 12-page article goes on to describe his current career and future prospects.

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