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Declining DVD sales may hamper ‘Half-Blood Prince’ Declining DVD sales may hamper ‘Half-Blood Prince’

yates-broadbentAn interesting piece over at the LA Times ponders whether a recent trend in declining DVD sales will have a negative effect on the success of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. According to a home video industry analyst, “There’s been a fairly substantial shrinkage in the overall DVD market since the last ‘Harry Potter’ film came out”.

The article also notes that while the Potter films have sold well on DVD, each successive film has sold less than its predecessor. Warner Bros. President Alan Horne however was optimistic about the success of the Potter franchise.

Horn said he didn’t expect the soft DVD market to hamper sales of “Half-Blood Prince” because it was a “unique property.” Although Horn took a lot of flak from “Potter” fans when the studio pushed back the release of “Half-Blood Prince” to July from last November, the move may help boost DVD sales because the DVD will be released during the heavy gift-buying holiday season.

If the article is correct, we should see Half-Blood Prince on DVD and Blu-ray before the end of the year.

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