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‘Half-Blood Prince’ hits theaters ‘Half-Blood Prince’ hits theaters

Potter fans rejoice! Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince hits  theaters today, July 15.  So, whether you attended one of the more than 3,000 midnight showings, or plan on seeing the film at a later date (in theaters, on DVD, or even on TV), we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

As the hours tick by, we will update you with additional film reviews and box office revenue figures. A hint of what’s to come: “According to executives who have seen the survey data for ‘Potter,’ however, it has a good shot at beating the all-time domestic record for Wednesday ticket sales of $62 million set last month by ‘Revenge of the Fallen.'”


  1. Andrew says:

    Half-Blood Prince Movie = BRILLIANT

  2. Rhoda Dunaway says:

    Hi, I believe The interview was charmming,The Novel “Half Blood Prince” was excellent, informing and very exciting, the Movie was horrible, it did not follow the book at all! I believe J. K. Rowlings should monitor the directors of her movies!!!!!!!! I am almost 55 years old My sisters 65,59 and daudghter 35 we waited in line for 9 hours to seee the movie “Half Blood Prince!” It was the most disapointing Harry Potter movie ever! I was sickened by the movie compared to the book!!!!!!!!

    The Directors and all should be fired!!!! Have they read the book???!!!!! If it was a little off from book I could understand, but totally off, get real!

    Warners Brothers needs to understand the fans of J.K.Rowlings.

    If people will wait for 9 to 16 hours in lines for Harry Potter movies, then why not stick to the books!!!!!

    The last Book’The Hallows’ the movie needs to go by the book!!! make it a 4 hour movie, give a small intermission!

    Then do second half off book the same The Fans will wait and pay to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please due not ruin the Hallows for us too!
    The movie Half Bllod Prince Was Ruined FOR THE TRUE FANS WHO READ THE BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please keep in mind the Movie needs to follow the book .J.K. Rowlings needs to get a handle on the studios who put her books to film and strangle them, please do not ruin The Hollows like you crucified the Half Bllod Prince!

  3. Natasha says:

    I loveeedddddd HBP !
    the best harry potter movie yet !
    i dunno but for me OOTP was too dark and very unlike the book but HBP they almost got everything right and they made it humerous as well
    lovedd it , cant wait until it comes out on DVD ! :)

  4. chirag sihani says:

    half-blood prince = very good movie

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