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Happy birthday, Harry and Jo! Happy birthday, Harry and Jo!

harry-gofThe 31st of July is every devout Harry Potter fan’s favourite day of the year because of two very important celebrity birthdays. A very happy birthday today to Harry Potter, who beat Lord Voldemort at his own game and made the world safe for Muggles everywhere.

Also, many warm and heartfelt wishes to Harry’s creator, J. K. Rowling. Through online Harry Potter fandoms such as HPFZ, fans worldwide are connected because of their mutual love of her books. The world feels so much smaller, and it is – thanks to her. Best wishes and thank you Jo! We hope you have an amazing and relaxing day; you definitely deserve it.


  1. sonia says:

    bon aniversaire à la meileure écrivin du monde

  2. Rosie Shaw says:

    Dear Harry and Joanne,

    Happy Birthday! Harry, you are one of the best wizard in the universe! Joanne, you are the best writer in the universe! My mum is called Joanne.
    Love Rosie

  3. Logan Lambert says:

    July 31 is my favorite day because it is my birthday

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