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New Zealand Herald profiles Daniel Radcliffe New Zealand Herald profiles Daniel Radcliffe

090701 Radcliffe profileThe New Zealand Herald has published a lengthy feature on Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter).  In the piece – “Harry Potter – still working his magic” – Radcliffe discusses his hopes for the final two films; why he is glad the seventh book is being made into two films; and what it’s like working with Michael Gambon (Professor Dumbledore), among other things.

“I’m very happy that the seventh book is being made as two films,” notes Radcliffe, “because I was worried they would have to cut important scenes. For example in the fourth film you could cut out the house elf sub-plot and it doesn’t affect the main story in any way. In the second film they cut out the Nearly Headless Nick Death Day Party. In fact that whole character has fallen by the wayside. The problem with doing that with the final book is that there is nothing that doesn’t relate to the main story or drive it forward. There’s not much you could cut. So we’ve given ourselves the room and opportunity to do it justice.”

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