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Radcliffe talks life at, after Hogwarts Radcliffe talks life at, after Hogwarts

090703 harry la timesThe LA Times has published a new feature piece on Daniel Radcliffe.  In the piece, Radcliffe talks about life at Hogwarts, saying that he has learned his way around all of the sets (“Well, pretty much.”) and discussing what it has been like working with some of Britain’s finest theater and film actors on those very sets.

Griffiths also once advised Radcliffe to never let the camera catch him when he wasn’t thinking because the void would be read in his eyes; the veteran prefaced that counsel by saying it was told to him by Lee Marvin, who heard it from Spencer Tracy. “Just think,” Radcliffe said, “how many young people get access to that sort of advice and that sort of history?”

The actor, who turns 20 this month, also talks about life after Hogwarts, commenting on the importance of not always being associated with J.K. Rowling’s famous boy wizard that he has been playing on screen since 2001.

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