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WWoHP opening just days away; new details on Friday’s festivities WWoHP opening just days away; new details on Friday’s festivities

With the grand opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter fast approaching (only three days!), we’ve been learning more and more about Universal Orland’s plans for Friday’s unveiling:

  • Universal Orlando has announced via Twitter that legendary film composer John Williams will help grand open the park.
  • The actual Knight Bus featured in the films has been shipped from the U.K. and is now on display in the park.
  • Fans can watch the grand opening celebrations unfold live at this link.

To learn more about the park, click here! And to all of our readers who are attending the grand opening: enjoy!


  1. Brent T. says:

    A) John Williams will NOT be there Friday he will be at the event that is streaming tonight (Wen.)

    B) It’s not “on display” it was rolled out that morning to get a quick promotional photo than brought backstage again. It will be used to deliver the stars but again will NOT be on display for the public to see at all sadly.

    The last one is correct but anything you see on the stream on Friday if your at the park the area will be blocked off so you will be watching these events from a large screen inside the entry area to Islands of Adventure. You won’t be entering the park until after all the stars (& the bus) are long gone.

    (don’t ask how I know I have my sources)

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