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Want to go to the ‘Deathly Hallows: Part 2’ premiere in London or New York? Want to go to the ‘Deathly Hallows: Part 2’ premiere in London or New York?

We’ve been receiving a lot of questions lately asking us how the London and New York premieres of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 will work, and to clarify exactly how fans can attend.

Given that this will be the final ‘Potter’ premiere, we thought we’d publish a guide detailing everything you need to know about the upcoming premiere events.

Where will they be held?

The world premiere in London will be held on 7 July in both Trafalgar Square and Leicester Square. The red carpet event will take place in Trafalgar Square, before cast, crew and guests make their way to Leicester Square to see the film.

The US premiere will be held in New York City on 11 July at Avery Fisher Hall.

Is it free to turn up and watch the stars?

Yes! It’s completely free to turn up and watch the stars arrive. You’ll need to get there fairly early to get close to the barriers (we’ve heard stories of super keen fans camping out days in advance) to have a chance of obtaining autographs and photos.

Check out some of our photos from the Los Angeles premiere of Order of the Phoenix in 2007 and the London premiere of Deathly Hallows: Part 1 in 2010 to get an idea of how things will look on the day.

How can I walk the red carpet and attend the premiere screening?

Warner Bros. invite cast and crew, special guests and members of the press to see the premiere screening. Don’t fret however, there are always competitions run in the months leading up to the premiere event allowing fans the chance to win tickets.

We’ll collect links to as many of these competitions as we can find and outline them for you below:

  • Play.com is giving fans the chance to win two tickets to the world premiere in London. Enter by clicking here.
  • PopSugar is giving fans the chance to win two tickets to the New York City premiere. Enter by clicking here.
  • iTunes is giving two people and their guests the chance to win tickets to the premiere screening in London on 7 July. You can enter the competition by clicking here(Now closed.)
  • Time Warner Cable is giving fans a chance to win their way to the New York City premiere. Enter the competition by clicking here. (Now closed.)

(We’ve been receiving a horde of tweets and emails regarding competitions lately and must remind you that we’re a fan site. This guide is written purely as a reference to help explain the premiere events. We have no affiliation with Warner Bros. and can’t help you get tickets to either premiere. Sorry folks!)

Want more?

We’ll be updating this post as we hear more information about the New York premiere and receive any info about competitions, so bookmark this page and check back regularly!

Also, we’ll be sure to let you know of any updates to the page via Twitter (we’re @hpfz), so be sure to follow us for the latest info and competition news.

Are you planning to attend one of the premieres? Let us know!

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  1. anisa says:

    i love harry potter and so badly want to go to the premier!

  2. Sofya says:

    I’m from russia, but I want to go to the premier! it’s my dream!

  3. aislinn says:

    I was on a website which siad you had to buy tickets to see people on the red carpret so thats not true?

  4. daniel says:

    Im from ireland and going to London for that week and i NEED tickets ! i grew up reading and watching harry potter and this being the final movie tickets would be my all time dream !! PLEASE contact me when theres a competition or something so im not late ! I NEED 2 GO !

  5. salazar says:

    im from australia, dream come true if i could go!

  6. Andy says:

    @aislinn You definitely don’t need tickets to see people on the red carpet :)

  7. Charlotte says:

    I’m flying to London from Sydney just to try and meet some of the cast and see the final movie where everything began!

  8. Isabel says:

    OMFG!!! I NEED TO GO TO THIS!! I’m a HUGE fan of everything Harry Potter! I have Hermione’s Yule Ball earring and wand and I’ve been reading it since I was 6 years old…. well my Mom says since I was 8…. but I’m not really sure! ^-^ It’s been my dream to meet the stars since the movies came out– and my sister’s birthday happens to be REALLY close!! So my parents said we could go to NY for sure since we live in VA if I win tickets!! SO I REALLY NEED TO WIN!!! D:<
    Must go scour the internet…. o_O

  9. molly says:

    i’m going to london from leicestershire, to camp out a few days before, harry potter is something i couldn’t live without and i think anyone that can go should go!

    and charlotte from sydney, it’s really amazing what you’re doing! you’re really lucky to be able to do that! so enjoy :D

  10. Sara says:

    When are people allowed to camp out from, surely you can’t just plonk yourself in the middle of london and camp, I heard they werent allowing people to camp unless it was the day before only but I need clarification on this as I am planning on going with friends

  11. Jennie says:

    (To Molly and Sara)

    Hi! We are two girls from Sweden who will visit London to watch the Harry Potter event. We will arrive 4 days early to be able to get closer to the barriers. We would really like to discuss our plans with someone who also is planning on camping out before the premiere! /Jennie

  12. Abbie says:

    I’m from Australia and it is my life long dream to meet rupert, daniel and emma. my family don’t have the money to get to the premier and I would love it if you could tell me if there are any competitions? I would actually cry if I went there, the premier is 10 days before my birthday and it would be the most amazing present EVER! so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email me when there are competitions to enter into :)

  13. Lina says:

    The NYC premiere will be on July 11, as it is the only day that Daniel Radcliffe’s Broadway play isn’t on around that time before the movie comes out (of course there’s July 7 & 8 when they have the London premiere & travel over to the US).

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hey Guys!
    I’m from Mexico and the week of the premiere I’m going to be in Barcelona, so I was planning to take a flight Thursday in the morning in order to arrive to the event. I will travel alone so, it would be asome if you send me some recomendations of how can Can I go from Stansted Airpoirt to Trafalgar Square, how long it’s gonna take to get to TS? And aproximately how much it’s gonna cost the transfer?
    I will appreciate all your support
    Take Care!

  15. biggestharrypotterfan says:

    All of you that get to go are SO LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could. *pout*

  16. Dj says:

    I’ll JUST be missing the premeire date and I seriously want to cry. I’m traveling with EF tours this summer and I’ll be leaving London for Paris on July 5th and leave Paris on the 7th. Ugh! So close!

  17. Sir Knight says:

    NYC Event is the 11th, of course the London event will be a few days before, you really have to look hard on the WWW to find contests to be able to get in, of course there are no costs, except to eat and sleep, to watch folks on the Red Carpet. To watch red carpet premiere action, you will need to arrive at any of the sites at least a couple of days in advance and have enough funds for at least 2 nights in a hotel room or youth hostel, youth hostels will be the cheapist, but they will be packed and depending on where they are and the upkeep you can really be gambling on security and cleanliness. In London, NCY and LA there are community programs that will put you up for a night or two, they cater to the homeless but if you are short on funds, they are a good alternative and ofcourse, again, the youth hostels are your next best bet for cheap overnight, count on bringing your tent for camping the night before at sites, but there is no gauruntee that the authorities will let you and if you call and ask they will tell you that they are not. Food is another issue, except for LA, food in NYC and London is expensive, but again, there are community programs that will provide meals at little or no charge, keep your money in safe place, it is better if you buy a prepaid visa or mc and take very little cash, keep cash in fron pocket or in sock in boot of shoe, try to ware comfortable and warm cloths, days may be warm, but nights in NY or London tend to be cold even at those times of year. Please try to have a cell phone and if you can not afford to get a long term contract for one get a prepaid for the trip and use it only for checking in with loved ones and emergencies. Never be afraid to contact authorities if you need help, if you do lose your finances of come up short and get stuck some place there are programs that the authorities can put you in touch with in the States and London that can get you set up with one way bus or train tickets back home. Also, regardless of how folks feel about the Masons, they will always help out in times of need as well especially if someone in your Family is a Mason or a member of one of the Concordant bodies of Masons. They will always have a meal for you and may be able to help with bus/train fare, also remember that there is a Salvation army in every larg city in the states and they always have a bed and a meal as well as a transport program if you are in need. I know that alot of young people will want to go, doing the red carpet thing is alot of fun, but honestly it is not worth the touble, if you have tickets to the events great, if not, I would advise that you find out where the premier in your area is as it will show at a couple theaters if your area first before going to all of them and then just wait for the show then. But have fun and be safe, there are some good contests on the WWW but also be careful of scams. Be Safe, and remember the best magic is Love and Compassion, Sir Knight

  18. Soph says:

    What is the likelihood of getting right to the front of the barriers if you camp for one day, for the UK premiere? My friend and I would be getting there on wednesday morning. Thank you

  19. Abbey says:

    I luckily live only 2hr train journey from London so i will be heading over there maybe the day before, try to camp or find a hostel then camp one more night afterwards.
    Does anyone know times of possible start/finish at UK premiere?

  20. Del says:

    I’m from Argentina. I grow up with Harry Potter and it’s my dream to go to the last premier. Is there any chance I can get two tickets? That would mean a lot to me, I love Harry Potter so much! And it’s really expensive to travel for me.

  21. Lila says:

    I already bought my ticket to london!!!
    Favor!! Can you tell me what’s the cheapest & fastest way to go from Luton’s Airport to Trafalgar Square??
    See you there folks!!

    P.S. You can identify me for the mexican flag!!

  22. Giddy says:

    like everyone else im so desperate to take my grandkids to the premier harry potter was the way they learnt to read! lucky enough to win a dobby! I want to join the battle have heard its a possible way to win a ticket have been looking for competitions to try and win please take pity on me if any one has ticket dedicated nan who wants to please her grankids x

  23. Marco says:

    Lila is this your first time going? and i want to take a mexican flag as well!! haha

  24. Merengo says:

    I am from China and i study in London, since all of my friends will go home for summer holiday before the date, i am wondering if there is anyone wish to go to camp with me. It is really hard for only one person campping there, so anyone interested??

  25. HP FAN says:

    Hello everyone!

    I’ve got a question for Lila. Could you tell me where and how you found tickets to see the movie ?

    Please answer soon :)

    There is my mail : hpfan7711@hotmail.fr


    HP FAN.

  26. Nicole says:

    Im attending.

    Im a huge Harry Potter fan, been reading since I was 7 when they first came out, have been an extra in 2 of the films and now have a number of Harry Potter tattoo’s on me that will help me remember the tale <3

    I am going there on Thursday night, Ive done it for the last 4 premieres and I always get a good place in front row. always go nearest to the entance of the cinema as they stay around there for longer and give pics to the fans which Ive noticed.

    see you there :))

  27. Nicole says:

    thursday night? I mean Wednesday night!

    Crazy Brain!

  28. Lila says:

    Negative! I’ve been there before but just for a couple of days.
    This is my second time in London.

  29. Lila says:

    HP FAN:
    I don’t have tickets for the premiere!! I wish!!!
    I was talking about Plane tickets to go to London and be present on the red carpet parade, that’s it…

  30. Lila says:

    Thanx for the tips Nicole!!
    OMG! I also want a HP tattoo!! :D
    See you there!!

  31. Lexyann says:

    I’ll be in London for the first time around the premiere date, so I was really wishing I could get a ticket an go.
    Does anyone knows how that can possibly happen?

  32. Mira says:

    I’m from Finland and I’m going to the London premiere. Can anyone say what time should I arrive to the Trafalgar square? If I come about at 2 a.m. do I have a change to get a good spot or should I come earlier? I travel with my mother so I can’t camp there for days. I’m so looking forward to our trip it’s my first time in London :)

  33. Yo says:

    Im not going to put my real name but I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter. I am going to the NYC Premeir for a kids news report. I get to interview the entire cast, and have a one on one conversation with Emma Watson. I was crying when i found out. They havent told me the date yet. Plus I get to see an early screening even before the premire at a press screening, only for reporters about a week before the premier in NYC>

  34. Theresa says:

    OMFG I really wanna go to the harry potter premiere i havent been to one and as its the last film im gonna do anything and everything i can do get there

  35. malta says:

    Hi! I NEED SOME HELP! :) I’m from Spain and I’ve never been in a premiere, but I will be in Boston this July and I want to try to go to this. Could you explain me a liitle about all this? PLEASE! is very important for me! It’s my only chance so I want to do it! :)
    What have I do to go to the premiere? at what time I must go if I want to see the actors? where is the premiere? that night I could see the film, or I must to wait to the 15th?
    Please, I don’t know anything about all this…! but I need to go… :)
    Thanks very much! :D

  36. Aims says:

    I so wanna go but sounds like we need to camp out for a few days!! Does anyone knows about how many days/hours before to have a good place? And what if we’re in the back is it still worth it? is there like a before/after celebration?? It would be my first red carpet//premiere event so I don’t know what to expect but I really want to go!!! Can someone let me know? Thanks & see you there! :)

  37. Hey :) says:

    I’m going :D:D can’t wait, my cousin is taking me to the premeire for my 16 birthday. Can’t believe I get to go see the very last premier off it, and see the stars, Excited even thinking about it lol first time going, I’m from Glasgow, and is travelling on train to get there :) Kinda confused though….Like, if you get premier tickets? does that mean you get to see the stars and then see the film also that night?

  38. Hayley says:

    To malta,
    If you want a good space near the front then you will most probably have to camp out for a day or two, and if you want to go to the premiere in New York then just search on the internet and I’m sure you’ll find out where it will be sooner or later. You have to wait until the release date to see the film, unless you win tickets to the premiere then I think you’ll be able to see the film then, but I’m not entirely sure.
    Hope this helps :)

  39. Tasha says:

    Hello, I’m french and I’ll be there no matter what, but I’m still tryin’ to find a way to register for competition to win tickets but this is always just for US residents or UK residents! So pleeeeeeeeeease do you know competition for French people to win tickets to the London premiere? Because in our French version of the Quest you can just win tickets for the French premiere and me I want the London one!!! It’s gonna be HUGE!!!!!

  40. Hayley says:

    We want UK competitions! :P

  41. Daveandpotter says:

    are you sure world premiere in NYC is in Jully 11 ?

  42. Bilgesu says:

    I live in Turkey. I ‘ll be there on 6th july but I think my father won’t let me camp that night at the square.. And I don’t want to look like a sleepy crappy bear if I take a photo with some of them :D so I hope that will be enough to be there in early morning on 7th …

    It’s my first time …. I am really excited. But I dunno anyone who’s going there from my country.. I don’t have any hope to win a ticket :( I just want to have a sign!!!!!!!!!!!I wish everyone goodluck out there … hope to meet fans like me there !

  43. Luna says:

    Hi everyone! I’m from Denmark, and I’m going with two of my good friends to the premiere in London. We arrive Monday – very early, I know, but we didn’t want to take any chances, and we really wanted to be at the front!
    Anywho, I was just wondering how you guys had planned on sleeping at night – I mean, a tent seems a bit much to be bringing along, plus, it’s filled with bricks on Trafalgar Square.. I think we plan on buying some cheap fold-up chairs and bringing our sleeping bags, and then just sleep in turns. Otherwise, I have absolutely NO idea whatsoever of how it will go!
    Anyone know if J.K. Rowling is attending? To be honest, it would mean a lot more to me to see her than any of the actors/actresses (;
    Hope you all find your way to the red carpet!

  44. Joana says:

    Hi everyone!

    I’m from Portugal, and to attend the Harry Potter’s Premiere is one of my biggest dreams… But I cannot participate in any contest, because Portugal is never included, and I think that’s really unfair :( I wanted one last chance to see my favourite actors and actresses and to have an amazing experience. So if any of you guys know a contest where I can participate, please tell me :)

  45. Philip says:

    My wife, aged 63, is going to Trafalgar Square with her granddaughter Molly and friend Fran and intends to camp for two nights with them! I’ll give it a miss, but am trawling through any sites that can give us tips and hints. Perhaps she can meet up with other grannies camping in Trafalgar Square!

  46. Hayley says:

    Phillip, what time are they planning on turning up as I am also camping out for 2 days but I don’t know what what be the best time to turn up!

  47. PoCHa says:

    Does anybody knows if there is gonna be a premier in L.A…? And when??? Plz!!!!

  48. Graham says:

    i cant wait

  49. Graham says:

    are the actors going to be there

  50. LoveloveloveHP says:

    I. MUST. GO.

  51. Alyssa says:

    I’m also curious about if there is an LA premiere. This is my dream, but I live in the Northwest and It would be a lot easier for me to get to LA than New York or London.

  52. gaby says:

    We’re taking our 15 year old to London to go to the red carpet and then, to the premiere on the 15th, as her birthday present. When are you guys planning to go to Trafalgar Square? our plane lands at 7.55am that morning.



  53. Katiee (: says:

    I agree with Luna, i mean this is my first time and i finally have an adult to take me but we have NO idea what to do, i mean people were saying go in campsites, hotels and youth hostages near, but i mean i wanna be in trafalgar square …we’ll be there for tuesday evening so we wont take much chances, but ANYHELP?! i mean should we take a tent, or what??! will the authority let us tave chairs and stuff and if we do take a tent where do we set it up….HARRY POTTER IS MY LIFE… :) so i realllly wanna get a good spot, ive checked about a GURZILLION websites but knowone can tell us :( anyhelp for anyone whos been before…i would love you forever <3<3<3

  54. Nicole says:

    To Lila…

    Thats alright :) anything for a fellow fan.

    I think Im planning on going to Leicester square instead of Trafalgar as I emailed the GLA (Government of London Association) and they said that Camping would not be feasable in or near Trafalgar as it wouldnt be safe as building works are happening.

    I emailed odeon and they said you can start lining (if camping) on wednesday nights when they begin the line around 3pm.

    so now Im quite confused… camp in london and maybe get a space or camp in leicester and get a def space. Im not sure now :/

    has anyone else decided what they are doing. Also this information is true, as its straight from the GLA

  55. Mia says:

    My 10 year old brother is the biggest fan ever!!! He wants to see it.. Some people are saying the limit is twelve?? Is this true? He looks 11 and might be able to pass at twelve… Idk

  56. Tasha says:

    Guys, this is gonna be LEGENDARY!!!!! I didn’t think people would come from so many places!!! Me, I’m French so this is not such a big deal, but you guys!! I can’t wait :D

  57. Mia says:

    I’m taking a Australian flag!! No just kiddin! I can’t wait to see my little brothers reaction!! I like up but my brother is crazy

  58. Nick says:

    Yeah, Mia I have a sister who is 11… She looks like she’s about nine so I don’t know!

  59. Nick says:

    I came in London a week ago and I’m leaving in around two months… So idk when and how I’m gonna get there.

  60. Cecilia says:

    I’m going to the London premier with my bestfriend, would be great to get tips and stuff like that from people that have been on a premier before. This will be our first one and I think it will be totaly crazy.. Anyone want to meet up? It would be great to meet other Hp fans, I think we’re going to camp or stay at Trafalgar sqare, what’s best? Trafalgar sqare or Leicester sqare?

    Would really be great to meet up with people, coment and maybe we can email or something! Just got to say that I love Rupert Grint..


  61. Nick says:

    To katiee:

    Yeah Harry potter is my life too!!!
    I think you should book a flight to london three nights before the premier.. It’ll give u time to see london a bit..
    Stay at a hotel, and go sightseeing or something! The day before the premier, you could camp out, or very early that day, you could go and wait until it starts… Try to get a great spot!! Once the premier is over, go back to the hotel, and sleep in for that night, or as many nights you want, and then fly back to your hometown..

  62. Lilian says:

    Oh my god this is going to be HUGE!! People are coming from so many places! I’m going to the London premiere, I’ll be camping from Wednesday evening. But I’m also a bit confused about whether to go to Trafalgar Square or Leicester Square… and also, is anyone here planning to go alone? I’m not sure yet, a couple of my friends might come but if they don’t I’ll be there on my own…

  63. Caitlyn says:

    Hi there everyone,
    I’m Caitlyn, 19, from Australia. I’m spending my Uni Holidays in London, and will be lining up for the premiere! I am so excited. Reading all your entries, this sounds like the best couple of days ever! Being around people with the same love from all parts of the world!

    I just wanted to say that I’ll be lining up with a few people I’ve met from various forums, as I’m traveling alone and think this is the perfect place to meet new people.
    I’ll be lining up from the Tuesday night, but will have to leave for a couple of hours on the Wednesday evening. So was hoping to form a big enough group that I could come back and have my spot saved.

    I’m going to be bringing lots of games, and snacks and blankets and would be thrilled to meet you.
    If your traveling to the premiere by yourself, or with only a couple of friends. Please come join me!

    my email is caitlyn.staples@hotmail.com or twitter @caity_poo if you want to get in touch.

    I’ve read about and hear that TS is better because Leichester square is more for press.

    Hope you’re all having a wonderful day!

  64. Najd says:

    I’m from Saudi Arabia, and I REALLLY want to attend the premier !! but, it didn’t say WHEN will it be ?? and is it ok if I went without the tickts ?? & what’s diffrent btween july 7 & 15 ?? ahh x.x !! so many Q’s i know !! it’s just, I really don’t know how it works T.T !!

    can someone plz help me ????

  65. Olivia says:

    i live in belgium and it would be so easy to take a 2 hour train ride to london (which i’ve done before) i’m SO EXCITED. i’m just confused on how i’ll be able to see the movie at leicester square ? how much do they cost and how can i get tickets?

  66. Hayley says:

    Me and my friends are planning on camping out too, our plan is to camp out in Trafalgar Square for 2 nights, but this is all our first time going to a premiere too, so we’re not really sure what’s happening :P but that’s what we’re doing if it helps! :P
    And I love Rupert Grint too ;D

  67. Mustafa says:

    Hi im from new york hehehe i plan on attending

  68. Priya says:

    The Time Warner Promotion and the Harry Potter the Quest Promotions have closed now too. Do you know when they plan to contact/announce the winners?

  69. ChristinaLupin says:

    Hey all… does anyone know of a good time to start lining up before the NYC premier? Like, should I get there the day before and camp? Please anyone who’s ever been to one of the premiers let me know. If I have to spend all of my money to get to New York, I want to make sure its worth my while. Thank you

  70. Starmummy says:

    I’m bringing my son from the UAE to do work experience at the Houses of Parliament, and he is the biggest HP fan ever and I am desperate to get tickets. Does anybody have any links to competitions?

  71. Ava says:

    I’m so happy that people are coming from all over the world! It will be great to experience this together. My only hope is that people will be in good spirits and enjoy the event together with other fans. I’ll be camping with my friends from wednesday evening, although we will “unofficially” start camping a bit earlier but we will have to leave for a while and come back on wednesday evening.

    I hope this will be an unforgettable experience for everyone! :)

  72. Vickie says:

    Going over from Ireland,and camping one night.My friends think I’m mad!!

  73. confused says:


    So im going to attend the red carpet event but wnt be able to camp so if i arrive there on the day as early as possible would i still be able to get a good view of the cast?????? I sooo hpe dat i dooo!!!!!! Thanks :)

  74. Tasha says:

    Vicky: Mine too!!!!

  75. Ava says:

    Vickie and Tasha: I think we’re all completely mad for doing this but that makes all this even more fun… :D

    Confused: You will definitely have a chance to get a good view even if you arrive on the same day. Of course it’s good to get there as early as possible, but that doesn’t always guarantee the best spots. I’ve only attended one premiere before, but noticed that those who camped there the longest didn’t necessarily get the front spots. There were people who arrived on the same day and some of them got better spots than those who’d been there for a long time. There’s always a bit of luck involved as well.

  76. Izzy says:

    What time exactly is the premiere supposed to begin? – you said to get there early but never said what time it starts.
    Thanks – love the site by the way

  77. Andy says:

    It hasn’t been announced yet, but it’ll no doubt begin late afternoon/early evening.

  78. Rohey says:

    Do you guys think it will be better to go to Trafalgar or Leicester Square?

  79. confused says:

    Ava: Thanks alot for the reply i feel more positive now!!!!!! I hope i do get a good spot because this is my first time and i seriously cannot wait for it! I’ll see you all next thursday…..wow how time flies!!!

  80. confused says:

    Rohey: the red carpet event will be at trafalgar and the premiere screening at leicester square so if u have tickets then wahay u’ll be at both but if not then trafalgar it is and ive also heard it’s better to go to the red capet event, there is more of a buzzz!!!

  81. Jakki says:

    i would be so grateful if i got to get a autograph from everyone in the cast!! I love the movies with all my <3 and soul. The series is overly amazing….I seriously NEED to go to this premiere…I'm starting to tear up just thinking about getting the once and a lifetime chance

  82. nefeli says:

    thats amazigg good luckk

  83. Unicorn says:

    Hi, guys!

    I have never even dreamed of attending a HP premiere in my life, because I am from Bulgaria and it was all so distant to me, I was young, etc… But since my parents started living in London and I grew up a bit (21 years old now hehe) things changed… haha… So I am attending! It will be my first premiere in London! I have attended in Sofia (Bulgaria) when the premiere of HP 4, because of the bulgarian actor in the movie – Stanislav Ianevski as Victor Krum :)))
    I have no idea when should I go to line up for the premiere… I don’t wish to camp, so I was wondering if I go like 3 to 5 hours before the start up, will I get to see the actors? I know there will be too many people from all over the world, but I still have a hope.
    And another thing is, where sould I go – Trafalgar o Leicester Square? Where is it more possible to get to see the actors and J.K.Rowling? How are the actors going to make their way to the cinema – walking all this way??? Can I walk parallel to them from Trafalgar to Leicester? Is there something necessary to bring along with me?
    I will be very grateful if you answer me!

    Oh, and also, it is possible that I will be attending on my own, so if anyone want’s to join me, he is welcome! :)))

    Kisses :)

  84. cigi d says:

    which do you think would be better to camp at trafalgar square or leicester square please would somebody let me know

  85. Julia says:

    Hi I am going to the premiere in New York and staying in a hotel nearby overnight. I’m wondering what time I should leave the hotel to go get a good spot before too many people start to show up. Do I need to get there at like 5 in the morning or can I go around noon or later? I’m not sure if people for as hard for the NY premiere as the London premiere where people camp out for like two days.

  86. Little fan says:

    Hi guys
    I’m 12 years old and am planning on going to the premiere. I am the only Harry Potter fan in my family, and we are going on a vacation to London. My parents are thinking just to bring me to Trafalgar Square Thursay morning, but I was wondering, is that good enough to be able to see the stars? If so, what time should I ge there? Is it worth going if I’m there then? Should I tryto convince thwm to be there on Wednesday? Any other advice? Sorry for all the questions! Please reply.
    -Little fan

  87. Little fan says:

    Hi guys
    I’m 12 years old and am planning on going to the premiere. I am the only Harry Potter fan in my family, and we are going on a vacation to London. My parents are thinking just to bring me to Trafalgar Square Thursay morning, but I was wondering, is that good enough to be able to see the stars? If so, what time should I ge there? Is it worth going if I’m there then? Should I tryto convince them to be there on Wednesday? Any other advice? Sorry for all the questions! Please reply. Thanks!
    -Little fan

  88. Lizzie says:

    Hey guys! For those of you going to the London Prem, I’m going to be there witha couple of friends from really early on Wednesday morning? Do you think that this is the best option or do you think we should go over on tuesday night??? We really want to get a good spot! Also, we should all group together and share this experience together as HP Fans! It would ve magical! ;P

    ~Lizzie xx

  89. question says:

    so they aren’t having a premiere in la? :(

  90. peachipotter says:

    i’m so desperate to get to teh front, i’m such a huge harry potter fan. i had a break down the other day because i was intending to get there 4 days early, but my boyfriend (who i am going with HOPEFULLY unless his mum says no again which she probably will and i will cry) he couldnt go because his mum wont let him camp there for 4 days because it isnt safe apparantly.
    so i am gonna turn up on the day and hope for the best. do you think theres any point in making them like presents? cause they wont be able to carry them down the red carpet will they?

  91. Alice says:

    Anyone wanting to join me and possibly a couple of other girls for the London premiere can email me:

    londonpremiere@hotmail.com :)

    If you’re going alone or with friends and would like to have company, maybe we could gather together? I think sharing this experience with other fans is a very important part of this premiere. I’ll be camping from the wednesday evening, maybe we could go together or meet at trafalgar square?

    Email me as soon as possible if you’d like to join me (or us) :)

  92. Hayley says:

    Me and my friends are going up there Wednesday morning :) and I’m doing a portrait of Rupert Grint to give to him as a present ;D I hope he will take it! :P

  93. j says:

    I LOVE HARRY POTTER!OMG!I have Hermoine’s wand and Harrys and all the bookmarks and Ive been reading it since I was seven(my mom read it to me when i was littler(is that a word?))I always wanted to meet the stars..is near my birthday!I just have to find the tickets!wish everyone could just get it and buy tickets or something..

  94. anwar says:

    I am one of Harry’s fans, I am from Kuwait and I really want to come to premiere

    I’ll be in france at 17th of July and inside me I hope to see the actors and meet them I almost die to make this dream true. I am really hopless and wondering if anyone can do anything about this !

  95. Caroline says:

    Hi Im going to the NYC premiere, what time do I need to get there to get a good spot?

  96. Anonymous says:

    Hi- My name is Jake M.-im from NY and studying in Oxford during the month of July. Im trying to contact or reconnect with the friends i met at Trafalgar Square the night of the London Premiere. If Aylah or anyone else sees this that knows me please contact me at mansoors@verizon.net ASAP. Thx!!!! Jake from New York City

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