Interview with Jamie Waylett (Vincent Crabbe)

Recently, Harry Potter Fan Zone had the chance to conduct an interview with Jamie Waylett, better known as Vincent Crabbe in the Harry Potter movies. In this brief but entertaining session, Jamie managed to give us some great insight pertaining to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the cast, and his current happenings.

Jamie Waylett as Vincent Crabbe
Jamie Waylett plays bad guy Vincent Crabbe in the Harry Potter films.

HPFZ (Harry Potter Fan Zone): Which movie have you most enjoyed participating in?

JW (Jamie Waylett): I have enjoyed acting in all four films! It’s a really hard question to answer, but if I had to pick one, it would be Chamber of Secrets. Maybe this is because I had a bigger part to play, with the “Polyjuice scene”, and I felt more involved in the film.

However, I enjoyed watching Prisoner of Azkaban more than the other films. That may be because I was a little bit older and had learned to appreciate how difficult the films were to make. [I also appreciated] seeing all of the different departments that have to work together to make a film. It’s a massive thing to organise!

HPFZ: So Jamie, what’s the deal? Could you enlighten us about the condition of Franz Ferdinand and their role, if any, in the new movie?

JW: There is a lot of news on websites [including Harry Potter Fan Zone] about them being in “the Weird Sisters” [during the Yule Ball sequence]. However, all I can say is at the Yule Ball, there is a band playing music while we dance, but it’s not them! I did hear they are doing two tracks for the soundtrack, but who knows?

HPFZ: How is Mike Newell’s style compared to Alfonso Cuarón’s and Chris Columbus’?

JW: All three have been great to work with, and all have had a different style of directing.

Chris was really fun to work with. He is a very nice man. He knew we were just kids and none of us were really experienced actors. He would tell us what he wanted and then guide us through each scene. He was great!

Alfonso was mad [crazy] , funny and sometimes silly, but, like Chris, encouraged the best out of us all. We would rehearse much more than with Chris and then film the scene.

Mike knows exactly what he wants. Before we start shooting, he will explain what is going to happen, why it’s going to happen and when it’s going to happen! So, everybody makes it happen!

Crabbe, Malfoy and Goyle in 'Chamber of Secrets'
‘If I had to pick one [favourite], it would be Chamber of Secrets. Maybe this is because I had a bigger part to play, with the “Polyjuice scene”.’

HPFZ: Has Jo Rowling been involved as much in this production as she’s been busy with the sixth book?

JW: In all the times I have been there, I have only seen Jo on one occasion at the studio! That’s not to say she doesn’t have lots of meetings with the directors and producers. I have only seen her once on set.

HPFZ: What do you think about the core group of actors? In your opinion, do you guys think you will last all seven movies? And do you, personally, have intent, with the studio’s interest, to complete the whole series of movies? If not, what other projects have you been involved with?

Slytherin students
Jamie Waylett as Vincent Crabbe (second from right) in Prisoner of Azkaban (2004).

JW: I think it would be a shame to change any of the actors at this stage. Most of us have not changed very much, so if the films are completed every 18 months or so, it would not be impossible.

(So, write a little faster please, Jo! ;-))

HPFZ: Always an unfair question but which one had/has more of the quirky style associated with Dumbledore: Michael Gambon or the late Richard Harris?

JW: You’re right, it is an unfair question, but I will try! Try to imagine Richard Harris as a really nice and sweet grandfather, and Michael Gambon as a funny and entertaining uncle!

Draco, Crabbe and Goyle in 'Chamber of Secrets'
Jamie Waylett as Vincent Crabbe: ‘I have enjoyed acting in all four films!’

HPFZ: What do you think about David Yates directing the next movie?

JW: Who? Only kidding! We haven’t met him yet, but he must be good or Warner Bros. would not have picked him, would they?

HPFZ: Are you going to be out on July 16th to pick up Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?

JW: Yes! Just so I can make sure Devon (Seamus Finnigan) isn’t the “Half Blood Prince”. I know for sure its not me!

Thanks Jamie!

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