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Happy birthday, Harry Melling!

harry-melling-dudley-dursleyHappy birthday to Harry Melling (“Dudley Dursley” in the Harry Potter films) who celebrated his 20th birthday yesterday.

Tom Felton releases new song on YouTube

tom-feltonTom Felton (“Draco Malfoy” in the Harry Potter films) uploaded a new song onto YouTube. The song is titled “If You Could Be Anywhere” and is 1 minute and 39 seconds long. In the video description, Tom Felton promises that the EP/album will be available on iTunes within a few weeks.

Updates on Comic Relief ‘Harry Potter’ set tour

students-awarded-tourAs we mentioned a few days ago, as a reward for their efforts in fundraising for Comic Relief, twelve students and teachers visited the Harry Potter set at Leavesden Studios. DanRadcliffe.com has now uploaded a YouTube video of their experience.

Museum extends ‘Harry Potter’ exhibition

museum-of-science-and-industry-in-chicagoThe Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago announced that it will extend the run of its very popular Harry Potter exhibition. The exhibition will now run from its opening date of April 30, 2009 until September 27, 2009 (previously September 7). After this date, the exhibition will move to the next museum, which has yet to be determined.

Robert Pattinson graces GQ Mag

robert-pattinson-cedric-diggoryMen’s fashion magazine, GQ, recently published their latest issue where Robert Pattinson (“Cedric Diggory” in the books) graces the cover. GQ has also included an article and an interview with the actor, where they discuss how Robert strongly contemplated quitting acting:

He was on the verge of quitting acting, he says. He’d followed up what was, back then, the biggest role of his career—in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, as Cedric Diggory, sort of the haughty blond Iceman to Harry’s Maverick—by getting fired from a play in London, where he grew up. He was in Los Angeles, crashing on his agent’s couch, looking for an American job.

The 12-page article goes on to describe his current career and future prospects.

FALSE rumours of ‘Half-Blood Prince’ secret screening

hbp-ddUnsubstantiated rumours have been spread online and offline about a “secret screening” taking place of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince recently. A great deal of Harry Potter fans have been skeptical, and now finally, here it is officially: Warner Bros. denies that there was a new “secret” screening. The last screening was this past September, to which the article could only be alluding.

Thanks Harry Potter’s Page for checking with Warner Bros.!