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The following timeline shows important events that have happened in the Wizarding World.

382 B.C.: Ollivander’s began to make “Fine Wands” for wizards and witches.

990: Hogwarts was established by the four greatest witches and wizards of the age.

1289: International Warlock Convention held.

1296: The year of a case Hermione found while researching past court trials in defence for Buckbeak’s hearing.

1473: World Cup Quidditch match in which all 700 fouls occurred.

1492: Nearly Headless Nick passes away.

1614: The Hogsmeade inn served as headquarters of a goblin rebellion.

1637: Werewolf Code of Conduct was issued.

1709: Warlocks’ Convention outlawed dragon breeding.

1722: A case occurred in which a Hippogriff was convicted and executed.

1875: Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Under-Age Sorcery was issued.

1926: Most likely the year Tom Marvolo Riddle was born.

1929: Tom Marvolo Riddle is born.

1940: Tom Riddle enters Hogwarts and is placed into Slytherin house.

1942: Rubeus Hagrid enters Hogwarts.

1942-43: Tom Riddle’s sixth year at Hogwarts; the Chamber of Secrets was opened by Slytherin’s Heir; Moaning Myrtle was killed.

1943: The date in Tom Riddle’s diary which became a window that Harry Potter used to time travel to the year 1943, when he sees Hagrid and Riddle as teenaged boys; accused of opening the Chamber, Hagrid, a third year student, was expelled, and his wand was snapped in two.

1943: Albus Dumbledore was a transfiguration professor.

1944: Tom Riddle becomes Hogwarts prefect.

1945: The Chamber of Secrets opened. Hagrid expelled.

1946: Tom Riddle becomes Hogwarts head boy.

1959: Births of James Potter and Lily Evans

1970: James and Lily start at Hogwarts.

1971: Tom Riddle (now Voldemort) and his death eaters start their rise to the top of evil.

1980: James and Lily Potter get married. Harry is born.

1981: The Potters move away to Godric’s Hollow. Sirius Black is framed. Lily and James Potter are killed.

1992: Riddle once again has the Chamber opened.

1994: The Tri-Wizard Tournament.

1995: The Order of the Phoenix is once again summoned.