Who Is Aurelius Dumbledore?

You heard right, there’s a new Dumbledore character in the Harry Potter universe. Is Aurelius Dumbledore a brother? A cousin? A nephew? A lie! Something else? Read on to learn about how this new character might tie into the Harry Potter canon.

A picture of Credence Barebone in Crimes of Grindelwald Credence Barebone is Aurelius Dumbledore. But who is this mysterious new character?

The big reveal

At the end of Crimes of Grindelwald (Fantastic Beasts 2) Gellert Grindelwald (Johnny Depp) has fled Paris to Nurmengard in Austria.


The name Nurmengard might sound familiar. It’s a wizarding prison built by Grindelwald to house his adversaries. We first learn about the prison in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (2007) when Grindelwald himself is, fittingly, held captive at the prison (more on this below).

A picture of Gellert Grindelwald in Paris At the end of ‘Crimes of Grindelwald‘ our antagonist flees Paris to Nurmengard in Austria.

So: Grindelwald flees Paris and arrives at Nurmengard with Credence Barebone (Ezra Miller), the Obscurus (dark energetic force) from the first Fantastic Beasts film. Barebone, pained and desperate to know his true identity, accompanies Grindelwald to seek the truth.

Grindelwald reveals that Credence Barebone is Aurelius Dumbledore.

Albus, Aberforth, Ariana and … Aurelius Dumbledore?

Firstly, a bit of Dumbledore family history. We know that Dumbledore is one of three siblings: his brother Aberforth is the owner and barman of the Hog’s Head pub in Hogsmeade Village, and his sister Ariana was killed accidentally after being hit by a curse during a duel between the Dumbledore brothers and a young Grindelwald.

A picture of Ariana Dumbledore Albus' sister, Ariana Dumbledore, was killed during a duel between Dumbledore and Grindelwald.

Dumbledore’s parents were Percival and Kendra Dumbledore. When Ariana was 6, she was attacked by a group of Muggles who saw her performing magic. She was traumatised by the incident and no longer able to control her magical abilities. Percival Dumbledore attacked the Muggles responsible and was sent to Azkaban prison where he spent the remainder of his life and died.

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8 years later, Ariana’s repressed magic exploded out of her and killed Kendra, shortly before her own accidental death. Sound familiar? It sounds very plausible that Ariana Dumbledore, like Credence/Aurelius, was an Obscruial.

Is Aurelius the fourth Dumbledore sibling? A cousin? A nephew?

Well, possibly!

It seems strange that there’s been no mention at all of a fourth Dumbledore sibling. Dumbledore’s obituary mentioned only a brother and a sister. And the timeline is strange. Fantastic Beasts 2 is set in 1927. Percival was sent to Azkaban before Dumbledore ever went to Hogwarts (the 1840s) and likely died in the 1890s. Kendra died in the early 1850s.

A picture of Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald.

Here are some possible theories:

  • Dumbledore had an aunt that is mentioned in the books. Is Aurelius the son of Albus’ aunt and thus, his cousin?
  • Credence is an Obscurial. Is he somehow connected with Ariana? Did Ariana’s Obscurus attach itself to a baby Credence?
  • Aurelius is Ariana’s son. Did the Muggle boys do something terrible to Ariana? Was that part of the reason she was kept locked away?
  • Grindelwald is lying. Does he want something from Credence? Would telling him that he is “a Dumbledore” help put a nefarious plan in action?

What about Aurelius’ Phoenix? Was it Fawkes?

A picture of Fawkes the Phoenix Legend says a phoenix will come to any Dumbledore in need.

At the end of the film, Aurelius/Credence is shown releasing a Phoenix. We learn that the Phoenix will “always come to a Dumbledore in need” and that it seems to have Aurelius’ allegiance.


Is this the origin of Fawkes the Phoenix? Or is this all part of a cunning plan by Grindelwald to fool Credence into believe he is a Dumbledore?

Is Leta Lestrange connected to Bellatrix Lestrange?

While we’re talking Crimes of Grindelwald, let’s touch on Leta Lestrange. Leta’s backstory is complicated, and we learn more about it through a powerful flashback. We learn that Leta is the daughter of Corvus Lestrange and Laurena Kama.

A picture of Bellatrix Lestrange Bellatrix Lestrange is possibly related to Leta via her husband, Rodolphus Lestrange.

Corvus is the patriarch of a powerful pure-blood wizarding family. Death Eaters Rodolphus Lestrange and his brother Rabastan are likely descendants of Corvus.


Bellatrix Lestrange is a Lestrange-by-marriage (married to Rodolphus), but we don’t yet know exact family connection.

What do the next Fantastic Beasts films have in store?

We know from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (1997) that Albus Dumbledore defeats Gellert Grindelwald in 1945. Grindelwald is imprisoned in his own prison, Nurmengard, where he is killed by Voldemort — in search of the Elder Wand — during the events of Deathly Hallows.


We see the destructive power of the Second World War during Grindelwald’s vision of a violent future. Will the Muggle War have a connection to Grindelwald’s defeat? Fans have long suspected a connection. How will Dumbledore destroy the blood pact and thus destroy Grindelwald?

A picture of Albus Dumbledore's vision of Gellert Grindelwald in the Mirror of Erised Dumbledore will need to destroy the blood pact before he can fight Grindelwald.

There’s likely lots more exciting additions to the Harry Potter canon to come. In the meantime, you can read about some of the things we think might happen in Fantastic Beasts 3.


Who do you think Aurelius Dumbledore is? What do you think of these theories? Let us know in the comments below.

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csfpk 13 March 2019

If Grindelwald is lying.
Credence has a relationship with Nagini.
Is there a relationship to the Gaunt Family and Slitherin himself?

Maleyna 18 July 2019

So, we know that Aurelius cannot be a Dumbledore in Albus and Aberforth’s generation because the age difference.
– Albus and Aberforth’s father was dead by the time Aurelis was conceived, Ariana was 6, which makes Aberforth 7 and Albus 8.
– Kendra Dumbledore kept Ariana home in Godric’s Hollow and all signs point to Ariana being an Obscurial.
– Kendra Dumbledore died when Ariana was 14, Aberforth was 16, and Albus was 17.
– Ariana was 14 to 15 when she died, Aberforth was 16 and Albus was 17.
– Grindelwald is the only outsider Ariana is exposed to due to his closeness to Albus.
– Aberforth and Ariana were extremely close according Aberforth, and he blamed Albus for her death, because he brought Grindelwald into their lives.
– They never mention why Aberforth and Grindlewald were fighting.
– The report by Aberforth that it was a three-way duel is questionable, because of the bloodpact between Albus and Grindelwald.
– Albus tells Travers that he and Grindelwald were “closer than brothers.”
– Rowling said in an interview that Dumbledore was gay, there was some inference and nuance that he was in love with Grindelwald.
– Grindelwald calls Aurelius “MY boy” and says, “It has ALWAYS BEEN ALL FOR YOU.”
– Aurelius is in possession of a Phoenix, the Dumbledore familiar.

So here’s my What ifs:
– What if Grindelwald learned the power of an Obscurial from observing Ariana?
– What if 17 year old Grindelwald seduced 14 year old Ariana?
– What if Ariana was in labor with Aurelis when she died and Grindelwald wanted to leave with her?
– What if Aberforth and Albus got in the way and that was the cause duel?
– What if Albus sent Aurelius off to live in America for his own safety with Muggles (like Harry)?
– What if Grindelwald didn’t know the gender of the infant, so he was looking for another powerful Obscurial just like Ariana that fit the age of his child?
– What if Newt was supposed to bring and keep Aurelius safe for Albus all along?
– What if the brother that Grindelwald is referring to is NOT Albus, but Aurelius’ Obscurial, which is referred to as a “twin?”
– What if Grindelwald has no interest in Aurelius, but wants to separate him from his twin which he sees as HIS and Ariana’s son?

Hope you enjoy the speculations.