David Yates on ‘Half-Blood Prince’ delay, the future of ‘Potter’

A lengthy Los Angeles Times interview with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince director David Yates is now online. In the interview Yates talks about the decision by Warner Bros. to push back the film’s release date, as well as working on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. On the decision to push back the release of Half-Blood Prince, Yates was initially apprehensive.

David Yates
David Yates on the Half-Blood Prince delay: ‘there was a huge sense of disappointment, I must say.’

“It was not something I warmed to initially. At the time, I was so adrenalized, I was so caught up in the process of getting the film in on deadline and making the movie on a certain schedule, and then the decision to delay was a huge anticlimax. There was a huge sense of disappointment, I must say.”

Yates also spoke about the climactic point where the first Deathly Hallows film will end:

“We’ve had three or four different ideas about where to cut off the seventh film. Traditionally, the movies have ended with a death or a bereavement, some sort of passage or arrival. This time we think we will end with more a cliffhanger. Again, though, that’s the thought as of this moment.”

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