New documentary tells the story of ‘Potter’ actor killed in knife attack

Rob Knox played Marcus Belby in Half-Blood Prince (2009) and was slated to appear in Deathly Hallows.

Harry Potter director David Yates and actor Jim Broadbent (Horace Slughorn) will participate in a new documentary which tells the story of eighteen year-old Rob Knox, a ‘Potter’ actor who was tragically killed in a cowardly knife attack in 2008. Knox portrayed Slug Club member Marcus Belby in Half-Blood Prince (2009) and was penciled in to appear in Deathly Hallows but passed away before filming began.

David Yates in a still from (K)nox: The Rob Knox Story. Unseen footage of Knox from Half-Blood Prince will be shown in the documentary.

(K)nox: The Rob Knox Story will shine a light on the late actor’s story as well as highlight the state of knife crime in the UK. With the help of David Yates, the documentary will show unseen footage of Knox in Half-Blood Prince, including his audition tape. Actors Jim Broadbent (Slughorn) and Ray Winstone will also participate in the production.

Directed by Aaron Truss, a childhood friend of Knox’s, the documentary will give a first hand account of the night Rob died, including recollections from his brother Jamie (pictured in the banner above) and other friends who were present on the night of the attack in May of 2008. Knox’s father Colin serves as a producer on the project, which has been in the works for eighteen months.

(K)nox: The Rob Knox Story will be released this year and we’ll update you with specific details about the film’s release and distribution when it’s available. A foundation established in Rob’s name helps young people looking to work in theatre, film and television, as well as raising awareness about knife crime.

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