Wizarding World Gold premium service available for pre-order

Wizarding World Gold
Wizarding World Gold is a premium Harry Potter subscription service from Warner Bros. and J.K. Rowling.

The new Wizarding World Gold premium subscription service is now available to pre-order in the US and UK. Wizarding World Gold is an official annual premium Harry Potter subscription from Warner Bros. and J.K. Rowling offered under the magical (pink) Wizarding World umbrella — a joint venture between the ‘Potter’ movie makers and Rowling. It was announced earlier this year but details have thus far been scarce.

Wizarding World Gold will give ‘Potter’ fans access to exclusive video content, early access to Wizarding World events and experiences, discounts and priority bookings, plus a number of collectible gifts including badges and an interactive journal. Those premium features will start rolling out early next year. They include:

Wizarding World Gold collectible pins
Wizarding World Gold subscribers can collect these Harry Potter pins.
  • An interactive Harry Potter journal called Keys and Curios, designed by MinaLima, the graphic designers of the ‘Potter’ films.
  • A new Wizarding World original video series which will ‘unravel the mysteries and uncover the secrets from all corners of the Wizarding World’ and includes behind the scenes content and profiles of those involved with making Harry’s magic a reality.
  • Access to the seven Harry Potter eBooks on the new Wizarding World mobile app.
  • A collectible welcome gift pin and access to other pins at Cursed Child theatres, the Warner Bros. Studio Tour and Harry Potter shop at King’s Cross Station.
  • Access to Harry Potter special events, including the Wizarding World Christmas Party in the Great Hall at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London later this year.
  • Discounts at Wizarding World shops and theme parks.
  • Priority booking for Wizarding World experiences, including the Cursed Child play, Studio Tour and theme parks.
  • Early access to Wizarding World merchandise and collectibles.
Keys and Curios
The new interactive Keys and Curios journal is designed by Harry Potter graphic designers MinaLima.

Wizarding World Gold is another puzzle piece in the larger Wizarding World tapestry — a consolidation of ‘Potter’ properties under a single brand. In an increasingly fragmented magical universe, Wizarding World is the J.K. Rowling stamp (wand swish?) of approval. Earlier this month, an official Wizarding World mobile app and free Harry Potter Fan Club were announced, alongside a digital Wizarding World passport — a sort of one-account-to-rule-them-all ‘Potter’ profile with an augmented reality sorting quiz and Patronus test.

Wizarding World Gold interactive journal
The Wizarding World Gold service will begin early next next year and pre-orders are available from today.

Interestingly, today’s announcement coincided with the redirection of all Pottermore content to the WizardingWorld.com domain. Launched in 2012, Pottermore was J.K. Rowling’s digital publishing platform where (among, er, clickbait and first-party features) she was able to expand on the ‘Potter’ stories and characters. In September, the Cursed Child play shed its original branding to align itself with the more recognisable Wizarding World iconography.

The Wizarding World Gold subscription will begin early next year and a 12-month subscription can be pre-ordered for $74.99 in US or £59.99 in UK. Other locations and options for gifting subscriptions are set to follow soon.

Wizarding World Gold
A Wizarding World Gold subscription will cost $74.99 in US or £59.99 in UK.

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