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Book 6: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

PosterAuthor: Joanne Kathleen Rowling

US Edition: Mary GrandPré
UK Children’s: Jason Cockcroft

US: Scholastic Inc. (Arthur Levine Imprint)
UK: Bloomsbury Publishing Plc
Worldwide Publishers

To Mackenzie,
my beautiful daugther,
I dedicate
her ink-and paper twin.

Chapters: Thirty (30)

Word Count: 168,923
For the US Edition

Hardcover Releases:
US Edition: July 16, 2005
UK Children’s: July 16, 2005

Description: In the previous book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the last chapter, titled ‘The Second War Begins,’ started: ‘In a brief statement on Friday night, Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge confirmed that He Who Must Not Be Named has returned to this country and is once more active. ‘It is with great regret that I must confirm that the wizard styling himself Lord — well, you know who I mean — is alive and among us again,’ said Fudge.’ Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince takes up the story of Harry Potter’s sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at this point as Voldemort’s power and followers are increasing day by day, in the midst of this battle of good and evil.

Cover and chapter artwork


Chapter titles

  • 1. The Other Minister
  • 2. Spinner’s End
  • 3. Will and Won’t
  • 4. Horace Slughorn
  • 5. An Excess of Phlegm
  • 6. Draco’s Detour
  • 7. The Slug Club
  • 8. Snape Victorious
  • 9. The Half-Blood Prince
  • 10. The House of Gaunt
  • 11. Hermione’s Helping Hand
  • 12. Silver and Opals
  • 13. The Secret Riddle
  • 14. Felix Felicis
  • 15. The Unbreakable Vow
  • 16. A Very Frosty Christmas
  • 17. A Sluggish Memory
  • 18. Birthday Surprises
  • 19. Elf Tails
  • 20. Lord Voldemort’s Request
  • 21. The Unknowable Room
  • 22. After the Burial
  • 23. Horcruxes
  • 24. Sectumsempra
  • 25. The Seer Overheard
  • 26. The Cave
  • 27. The Lightning-Struck Tower
  • 28. Flight of the Prince
  • 29. The Phoenix Lament
  • 30. The White Tomb