Composer James Newton Howard confirms involvement with ‘Fantastic Beasts 2’

A new interview with James Newton Howard confirms the composer will score the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them sequel. The composer also talks about the scoring process for the current Fantastic Beasts film, following the legend that is John Williams, and career highlights.

Composer James Newton Howard
Composer James Newton Howard will return to score the second Fantastic Beasts film.

Asked about whether scoring a film like Fantastic Beasts was a daunting prospect, Newton Howard said, “Absolutely. I was very nervous. Well, I don’t know if nervous is quite the word. I think to do anything out of one’s comfort zone, there has to be some aspect of it that feels inspiring and challenging in a positive way … I think I understood the world, I understood the script, I had great conversations with David Yates, and I felt prepared to dive in.”

And on following John Williams (who scored the first three Harry Potter films): “I would describe inheriting a franchise where John Williams has written unforgettable thematic material for the last 15 years and being asked to re-create the melodic world as slightly uncomfortable. I seek those kinds of jobs out … we tip our hat and acknowledge in a respectful and witty wink and a nod kind of way to “Hedwig’s Theme”. (Aside: I [Andy] counted three references in the score.)

Finally, Newton Howard talked about the scoring process itself — it took seven months — and confirmed his involvement with at least the next Fantastic Beasts film: “David and I have talked about it. I’m certainly doing the next one, he’s asked me to do it. We had a pretty incredible time together on this one, so I will certainly be doing that one. Beyond that, who knows?”

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