Create any ‘Harry Potter’ logo using Adobe Photoshop

The Harry Potter logo is so iconic and has represented the boy wizard since it first appeared on the Sorcerer’s Stone jacket artwork back in 1998. Today we’re going to learn to recreate the logo — lightning bolts and all — so that you can use it in your own creative projects.

'Harry Potter' Photoshop logo tutorial (final image)
The iconic Harry Potter logo. Read on as we recreate the logo in Adobe Photoshop.

What you’ll need

1. Adobe Photoshop

You’ll need a copy of Adobe Photoshop to work along with this tutorial. If you’re getting into graphic design, Photoshop is offered via a subscription model for around $20 USD a month.

2. ‘Harry P’ font

For this tutorial we’ll be using ‘Harry P’, the earliest and most popular fan recreation of the official Harry Potter typeface. You can download a free copy of ‘Harry P’ over on our fonts page.

Photoshop ready? Font ready and installed? Wand, er, mouse at the ready? Let’s begin!

1. Create the text

The first thing you’ll need to do is create a new Photoshop document and a text layer using the ‘Harry P’ font. Create a ‘File -> New’ document of whatever size is suitable for your project and add your text. To see all the glorious logo detail, bigger is better.

'Harry Potter' logo tutorial
The Harry Potter logo as a basic text layer.

2. Add some colour

Next, we’re going to add some colour to the logo. The Harry Potter logo has evolved quite a bit over the years to match the ever-darkening tone of the ‘Potter’ films. In this tutorial, we’re going to use the classic gold/bronze shading.

Select the text and change the colour to #c49329.

'Harry Potter' logo tutorial
A splash of colour: the logo for the first ‘Potter’ film was gold/bronze.

3. Layer styles

This is where the magic really happens. We’re next going to apply a bunch of Photoshop layer styles to create the logo’s dramatic bevel and shadow effect.

Open up the layer styles palette by double clicking the layer or by selecting ‘Layer > Layer Style > Blending Options…’ from the menu.

Inner Shadow

Select the Inner Shadow tab and copy these settings:

'Harry Potter' logo tutorial
Photoshop layer styles: copy these Inner Shadow settings.

With the Inner Shadow settings applied, your logo with look like this. It’s starting to look very reminiscent of the US edition cover artwork, isn’t it?

'Harry Potter' logo tutorial
The logo with Inner Shadow layer styles.

Inner Glow

Next, apply these Inner Glow settings:

'Harry Potter' logo tutorial
Photoshop layer styles: copy these Inner Glow settings.

Bevel & Emboss

Finally, apply these Bevel & Emboss settings:

'Harry Potter' logo tutorial
Apply these Bevel & Emboss settings. It’s getting close now!

With the layer styles applied we’re very close to the final ‘Potter’ logo!

'Harry Potter' logo tutorial
All that’s left to add is some texture/distortion.

4. Noise and distortion

The final step is to add some noise and distortion to the logo. If you look closely at Warner Bros.’ version of the logo you’ll notice all kinds of artefacts: noise, rust, scratches, imperfections etc.

This is the kind of step you could spend hours perfecting. For this tutorial, we’re going to add some basic noise and then apply some quick transformations to make it feel a little more weathered.

Create the noise layer

'Harry Potter' logo tutorial
The noise and blur settings you’ll need to apply.

Create a new layer and ‘Edit > Fill’ the layer with solid white (#ffffff).

Next, select ‘Filter > Noise > Add Noise’ and apply the following noise settings:

  1. Amount: 80%
  2. Distribution: Uniform
  3. Tick Monochromatic

Blur the noise layer

Select ‘Filter > Blur > Motion Blur’ and apply the following blur settings:

  1. Angle: 45°
  2. Distance: 5 pixels

Blend the noise layer

Finally, blend the noise layer by changing the layer’s blending mode to Luminosity and the opacity to 30%. Then, alt + click (PC) or option + click(Mac) in the space between the two layers to create a layer mask.

The GIF below demonstrates this masking technique:

'Harry Potter' logo tutorial
Create a layer mask to apply the noise to only the Harry Potter logo text.

5. Take five and enjoy your work!

Well done, if you’ve made it this far then you have your own version of the Harry Potter logo! That deserves an Outstanding grade.

'Harry Potter' logo tutorial
The finished logo! Can’t you just hear ‘Hedwig’s Theme’ playing over the top of it?

Taking it further

Once you’ve built the basic logo there’s plenty of ways to spice it up. In this example we’ve added some background elements, more shadows, and a few bits of ‘Potter’ iconography to the foreground.

'Harry Potter' logo tutorial
Taking it further: the ‘Deathly Hallows’ symbol looks great with our layer styles applied.

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