First look at Hagrid animatronic from upcoming ‘Magical Creatures’ attraction

Rubeus Hagrid animatronic
The life-size Hagrid figure is meticulously modelled on Harry Potter actor Robbie Coltrane.

A life-size animatronic version of Hogwarts gamekeeper Rubeus Hagrid will be the centerpiece of Universal’s upcoming immersive coaster experience, opening at Orlando’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park on 13 June.

Rubeus Hagrid animatronic
Actor Robbie Coltrane recorded dialogue specifically for the attraction.

Standing at 7 feet 6 inches, the animatronic is the most advanced animated figure ever created by Universal. The team behind the model studied ‘Potter’ actor Robbie Coltrane’s body movements and facial expressions to help inform the half giant’s design, which has a ‘meticulously hand-sculpted face’ and ‘24 different body actions’.

Hagrid’s costume was created by the same team who designed the gamekeeper’s clothing for the Harry Potter films, while Coltrane recorded new dialogue specifically for the attraction. As for magic? Visitors can expect to see a replica of Hagrid’s iconic pink-umbrella-turned-wand.

Last month, Universal revealed a number of creatures that visitors will encounter during Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, including Cornish Pixies, Centaurs, Fluffy and a Blast-Ended Skrewt. The new attraction opens on 13 June.

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