Funko to release Madame Maxime and Argus Filch Pop! Vinyl figures

Beauxbatons headmistress Olympe Maxime and Hogwarts caretaker Argus Filch (complete with Mrs Norris) will join the Harry Potter Funko Pop! Vinyl line when they’re released exclusively for this year’s New York Comic Con.

The convention takes place from 3–6 October from which time both figures will also be available for a limited general sale at your favourite Pop! collectible stores (so, every four-walled room on the planet). Maxime and Filch complete a huge wave of Yule Ball themed Pop! Vinyl figures released in 2019 and can also be found in Funko’s 2019 Harry Potter Advent calendar.

Earlier this year, Rita Skeeter, Fawkes and Nagini were released as San Diego Comic Con exclusives, while a trio of Irish-flavoured Weasley children was released in March. If you’re still craving more ‘Potter’ Pop! figures, you’ll be able to collect Nymphadora Tonks from next March, as well as the trio with their Patronus animals.

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