Funko to release Pop! figure of Harry’s stag Patronus

Funko #104 Patronus (Harry Potter)
A translucent stag Patronus Funko Pop! figure will be released on 4 December.

Funko’s next Harry Potter Pop! Vinyl figure is a gorgeous translucent stag Patronus, while Hermione and Ron’s otter and dog Patronuses are soon to follow. The new Pop! figure will be released on 4 December as a Wizarding World pre-release before a general release at some point after that.

Funko #104 Patronus (Harry Potter)
Harry’s stag Patronus will be released on 4 December.

A pre-release means the Funko figure is available for a limited time at an exclusive location before the general public can purchase it — this time around that lucky vendor is (formerly Pottermore). To be eligible to grab the stag in the pre-release phase you’ll need to sign up for a Wizarding Passport and visit the official Wizarding World online store from 4 December at 11am ET/4pm GMT. Wizarding World Gold subscribers will also receive a 20% discount.

If you’re interested in where Funko are going next: a Hot Topic exclusive Buckbeak the Hippogriff is coming next month, followed by Nymphadora Tonks in March and then a number of new scenes including Harry with an invisibility cloak, Ron vomiting slugs, Dumbledore with baby Harry, Hermione levitating a feather and Neville with the Monster Book of Monsters. Watch this space for more details!

Funko #104 Patronus (Harry Potter)
Harry’s stag Patronus — coming in December!

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