MinaLima unveil spectacular ‘Harry Potter’ wallpaper collection

MinaLima wallpaper collection
MinaLima (design duo Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima) today launched five Harry Potter wallpaper designs.

Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima — known collectively as design duo MinaLima — today unveiled five gorgeous Harry Potter wallpaper prints based on their graphic design work for the eight ‘Potter’ films. The five designs include the enchanted Marauder’s Map, the Black family tree, collages of both the Daily Prophet newspapers and Hogwarts library books, and a cute and playful Quidditch motif.

Each of the wallpaper designs is available through MinaLima’s website, or at their physical ‘House of MinaLima’ galleries in both London and Osaka. MinaLima designed all the graphics for the eight Harry Potter films, as well as — to date — two Fantastic Beasts movies. Earlier this year, we profiled the design duo in an in-depth Harry Potter graphic design retrospective.

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