Cast portraits for third iteration of West End ‘Cursed Child’

Cast photos of the third iteration of actors brining Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to the West End have been released. The new cast will begin performing at the Palace Theatre in London on 23 May.

Potter family

  • Jamie Ballard (Harry Potter)
  • Susie Trayling (Ginny Potter)
  • Joe Idris-Roberts (Albus Potter)
Potter family
Susie Trayling (Ginny Potter), Joe Idris-Roberts (Albus Potter) and Jamie Ballard (Harry Potter).

Granger-Weasley family

  • Nicola Alexis (Hermione Granger)
  • Thomas Aldridge (Ron Weasley)
  • Helen Aluko (Rose Granger-Weasley)
Granger-Weasley family
Nicola Alexis (Hermione Granger), Helen Aluko (Rose Granger-Weasley) and Thomas Aldridge (Ron Weasley).

Malfoy family

  • James Howard (Draco Malfoy)
  • Jonathan Case (Scorpius Malfoy)
Malfoy family
James Howard (Draco Malfoy) and Jonathan Case (Scorpius Malfoy).

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